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 #29    August 19-23, 2020      #29 - APRIL 22 - 26, 2020    

#29 - APRIL 14 - 18, 2021      #29 - AUGUST 18 - 22, 2021

#29 - APRIL 27 - MAY 1, 2022

UPDATED:  July 30, 2021




The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival #29 will not take place in 2021.  We are planning for 2022 with the
onsite festival dates, April 27- May 1, 2022.

NEW ZOOM LINK ... Around 4 pm, we found that we could not use the link that we had used the past couple months. 
We've been working frantically to get out the new one.

Buckeye Road Show is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: My Meeting
Time: Jul 30, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 880 9785 3799
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WELCOME to zoom jams, Buckeye Dulcimer Festival style.  Join Chris & Joe Steiner and Shari Wolf in jamming our favorite jam tunes from the dulcimer world, old-time music world and bluegrass world.  Music in the jams will all be traditional and from public domain.  No copyright music.

These are not beginner jams.  We'll increase speed as we play through tunes and play singing songs at singing speed. We'll play tunes more than just a few times.  

BUCKEYE DULCIMER FESTIVAL ZOOM Page contains jam lists, songs/words/chords, and tablature.

Zoom Jam #4 will be Friday, July 30.  We'll open doors at 7:00 pm for Happy Hour.  This will allow
folks to visit and for us to help newbies get in and settled with the basics of Zoom.

You'll be able to hear only the three of us during the jam.  We will be muting you during the playing and unmuting in between.
  We hope this will help you to continue to knock some of the rust off your playing in preparation for upcoming live events, especially, next year’s Buckeye Dulcimer Festival, next April, 2022.

You’ll notice that we call this THE BUCKEYE ROADSHOW JAM.  We’ll be moving this Zoom jam to various
locations and invite local folks to join us for a real live jam and with our virtual jammers through Zoom, a hybrid event.

Buckeye Zoom Jam #4; Friday, July 30; Happy Hour at 7 pm; Jam at 7:30

For Zoom sign-in information and Jam List, click here.




I apologize for the lateness of this communication regarding the status of Buckeye 2021.  In December, Joyce and I had decided to move April’s festival to August as we did last year but still ended up canceling.  The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival dates were moved again, but I never got it posted or communicated to you. 

On January 2, 2021, Joyce Harrison (co-director) passed away from Covid.  It has been a terrible shock to me and to so many others in music, family, and the festival.   Moving forward has been very difficult, but time keeps moving on and some decisions regarding the festival need to be made. 


We must consider the nature of Buckeye including staying on campus, eating in the dining hall, classes and concerts held inside, jamming logistics, BDF’s four-day schedule, how to plan the size of a festival and the status of the disease and vaccine at the time.  I have consulted with David Hudler at Recreation Unlimited, our insurance company, many instructors and participants.

At this point regarding the festival, there is more that I don’t know than what I do know.  Many of you on staff have been in festival leadership positions and have an idea of the issues that need to be addressed.  Thoughts of a larger gathering much less a festival needs the use of a crystal ball that no one has. 

The list of issues and considerations under the present Ohio Health Department and other agencies are ever changing.   The ability of the facility to safely serve the numbers of people we need to pay our bills, the ages and physical considerations of our participants and staff, and insurance issues must be dealt with.  Most importantly, in my world ... taking the chance that anyone would get this horrible disease is something I cannot bear.


I just cannot imagine a festival as Buckeye taking place during 2021.    Once again, David from Recreation Unlimited has helped this festival to move forward by scheduling Buckeye #29 for April 27 to May 1, 2022.   I will keep you posted here and on Facebook as time goes on.

It is my fondest hope that we will all see each other down the road sooner rather than later.

Sincerely in Music,



It is with great sadness, I must let you know that our co-director, Joyce Harrison,
passed away on January 2, 2021 from Covid.  So many of you have supported me (Shari Wolf)
and have supported each other during this very difficult time.  Thank you so much.



UPDATED:  July 20, 2021

In consulting with Buckeye's accountant and with the nature of making decisions in our
world of today, Buckeye will be making refunds to all those participants who chose to
support the festival by letting their April, 2020 registration money "ride" to the next festival. 

As of July 5, I have started the refund process. 
I have contacted each of you to be refunded by email
and in the process to contact several by phone.  This process is necessary to verify the amount,
how to make out the check, and current address.

We are going to clear the books and in a couple months,
make further decisions on how to proceed with SAFETY being the key.

At this point, the 29th Buckeye Dulcimer Festival will take place at Recreation Unlimited,
April 27 to May 1, 2022.

Thanks for the support of YOUR festival!


Shari Wolf




 ... we'll miss you tremendously and thank you so much

for all you did for the Buckeye Dulcimer festival

for the last 28 years.  Your spirit and driving force along

with Louise's legacy will always remain with us.








From left to right:  Joyce Harrison (BDF co-director), David Hudler (RU business director and liason), and Shari Wolf (BDF co-director).  David gave us a magic wand that we wave occasionally and He Makes It Work!

Up close and personal are the three folks responsible for a smooth running festival with a lot of fun added in for good measure.   And ... for the background in this picture ... people visiting, laughing, and a little studying.  2019

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