27th Annual ... held at Recreation Unlimited
Ashley, Ohio

March 7 - 11, 2018           


Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon
 UPDATES for 2018 have started.


March 7 (Wednesday) starting with 3:00 pm registration, Thursday, and ending  

March 9 (Friday) with the conclusion of extended classes at 3:30 pm


2:00 pm     Participant Registration (Dining Hall)
4:00 pm     Instructors' meeting (Welcome Center)
5:15 pm     BDF Flag Raising (Outside Flagpole)
5:30 pm     Dinner (Dining Hall)
7:00 pm     Orientation, meet instructors, learn more about and ask questions about your extended class choice with your instructors, and then join instructors for "FIRST" Jam (Lodge)
11:00 pm - 6:00 am     Quiet Time in the Sleeping Cabins (Rest up – Bring earplugs)
11:00 pm - 7:00 am     Commuter's Instrument Storage (Welcome Center) off the breezeway.  Don't need to carry instruments back/forth from motels or home. Locked securely during this time.
The Lodge is open throughout the festival.  Feel free to jam, visit, and enjoy the snacks and fireplace.  (no curfew)

THURSDAY (March 8)

7:00  am            Morning Coffee and Wake Up ~ Dining Hall
7:30 - 8:30 am     Breakfast (Dining Hall)

9:00 - 11:50 am     EXTENDED WORKSHOPS (Room Assignments are tentative.)

          Mountain Dulcimer
  Beginners ~ Diane Hochstetler ~ Welcome Center (Right)
Past Beginner/Early Intermediate ~ Joe Steiner ~ Life Center #144
Intermediate II ~ Heidi Muller (Thursday)/Aaron O'Rourke (Friday) ~ Life Center #152
Advanced ~ Aaron O'Rourke (Thursday)/Heidi Muller (Friday) ~ Life Center #153

          Hammered Dulcimer
Beginners ~ Chris Steiner  ~  Welcome Center (Left)
            Past Beginner/Early Intermediate ~ Joyce Harrison ~ Creative Center 
                            Intermediate II ~ ILace Mears (Thursday) /Dee Dee Tibitts (Friday)  ~  Lodge

Advanced ~ Dee Dee Tibitts (Thursday) / ILace Mears (Friday) ~ Cabin A Lounge

          Autoharp     Intermediate and above ~ Charles Whitmer ~ Cabin C Lounge

Band-It!  All acoustic instruments (Beyond Beginners and above) ~ Shari Wolf  ~  Dining Hall 

12:00 NOON        LUNCH (Dining Hall)  
1:30 - 3:30 pm     EXTENDED WORKSHOPS (Continued as above)  
4:00 - 5:00 pm     OPEN STAGE (Lodge)  
5:15     DINNER (Dining Hall)  Be prompt and be prepared to be pampered.               
6:30 to 8:00 pm features instructor led jamming and special workshop sessions  
          Beginner Slow Jam - Creative Center - ALL INSTRUMENTS  ~  We'll play tunes we learned today and work on chords.
                     (Leaders:  Diane Hochstetler, Chris Steiner)
          Early Intermediate + Jam - Dining Hall - ALL INSTRUMENTS  ~ We'll play and sing a wide variety of music.
                     (Leaders:  Shari Wolf, Charles Whitmer)
          Mountain Dulcimer Jam - Cabin B Lounge ~ Intermediate Jam focused on mountain dulcimer repertoire
                     (Leaders:  Heidi Muller, Aaron O'Rourke
          Hammered Dulcimer Jam - Lodge - Hammered Dulcimer Jam plus any others interested
                     (Leaders:  Joe Steiner, Joyce Harrison, ILace Mears)
6:30 - 8:00 pm       
6:30 - 8:00 pm     Intermediate Whistle Class "Whistle While You Work."  This class is an intermediate level in that the students are expected to already have a working knowledge of the whistle, know the basics of playing, but want to be challenged to learn tunes that extend their repertoire and playing styles.  Many of the songs selected will be those that can be played along with a dulcimer partner or group, so tab will be provided for some of the tunes, especially those that the whistle greatly enhances the dulcimer arrangement. We will also allow time for some slow tunes, duets, and playing in the other keys including G, Em, and A  (intermediate and above)  Instructor: Dee Dee Tibitts  
6:30 - 8:00 pm     Bodhran ~ This session is designed to get newcomers started well on their way to becoming a respectable and respected Bodhran-style player of the single-headed, frame drum.  The time priority will be given to the proper techniques to produce the most difficult part of the bodhran player's bag of tricks, the triplet or 3-note roll.  This element is essential to the bodhran playing of most Irish music.  This session features 'hands on' rhythm basics using provided pizza boxes or bring your own drum.
                                (Instructor:  Bob Haas)
6:30 - 8:00 pm    forScore for iPad (and other neat techie things)  Let's Figure out how to find and upload music onto the IPAD using forScore and a step-by-step process so that you won't need to carry music. This workshop will help the user learn the basics for using the app forScore for iPad to organize sheet music and attach audio files for practice. Along the way, other helpful hints, using Google Drive and accessories, etc., will be explained. Definitely an interactive workshop.   (Instructor: Kay Wheeler)  Breezeway Meeting Room (Internet)  
And then .... If you still want more, there will be a slower jam in the Creative Center and the faster jam in the Lodge. 
              Look for refreshments and snacks in the Lodge for the rest of the evening.
11:00 pm - 6:00 am     Quiet Time in the Sleeping Cabins  
11:00 pm - 7:00 am     Commuter's Instrument Storage (Welcome Center) off the breezeway.  Don't need to carry instruments
                                        back/forth from motels or home. Locked securely during this time.

FRIDAY (March 9)

7:00  am               Morning Coffee and Wake Up ~ Dining Hall
7:30 - 8:30 am       Breakfast (Dining Hall)
9:00 - 11:50 am     Extended Workshops (Continued with Mountain Dulcimer and Hammered Dulcimer; teachers for Intermediate 2
                                     and Advanced Levels switching classes.
NOON                   LUNCH (Dining Hall)  
1:00 pm                Vendor Registration and setup  
1:30 - 3:30 pm       EXTENDED WORKSHOPS (Continued as above)  
3:00 pm                Weekend Registration Begins (These are participants that are joining us for the weekend.)  

Thursday Evenings -HIGHLIGHTS

As you check out the schedules for Buckeye Festival #27 at   ,
you'll find the usual Thursday night instructor-led jams
-- Beginner/past beginner - All instruments (Diane Hochstetler, Chris Steiner)
-- Mountain Dulcimer focus - intermediate and above (Heidi Muller, Aaron O'Rourke)
-- Intermediate - All instruments (Shari Wolf and Charles Whitmer)
-- Hammered Dulcimer focus - Intermediate and above - all instruments welcome (ILace Mears, Joyce Harrison, Joe Steiner)

For our 2nd year, there will be workshop sessions on Thursday night as well.
-- Bodhran (Irish Drum) with Bob Haas;
-- Irish Pennywhistle for Intermediates with Dee Dee Tibitts,
 -- For you Techies (or just folks who would like to have their music on their IPad or IPhone) ...
forScore music program/organizer for the IPad, and IPhone with Kay Wheeler.

Friday afternoon through Sunday morning including
the Saturday workshop schedule

FRIDAY:  The Weekend Schedule Starts. at this time.  All weekend participants are invited to join us from this point.

4:00 - 5:00 pm       OPEN STAGE (Lodge)  
5:15 - 6:00            DINNER (Dining Hall)   Dinner will be served during this time period, but the Dining Hall will be open for shopping
                                    and visiting until 6:45 at which time the Dining Hall will be closed for the evening.          
6:30 pm                Concert Doors Open (Lodge)  
6:45 pm                Dining Hall and Vendors close for the evening.  
7:00 pm                Concert Featuring: 
                                Country Strings ~ Charles Whitmer  <Break>   ILace Mears ~ Aaron O'Rourke
After the Concert:        We'll have refreshments in the Lodge and then jam in the Lodge and Creative Center.  
11:00 pm - 6:00 am     Quiet Time in the Sleeping Cabins  
11:00 pm - 7:00 am     Commuter's Instrument Storage (Welcome Center) off the breezeway.  Don't need to carry instruments back/forth from motels or home. Locked securely during this time.  


Morning Jam in the Dining Hall

Saturday NEW PLAYER/BEGINNER Sessions from 9:00 to 2:15
Mountain Dulcimer - Ricki Spicer
Hammered Dulcimer - Jill Nichols
Autoharp - Phyllis Davis

And MORE  ... four sessions for hammer and mountain and, again, more ...

For some reason, my web program is not happy with some of the formatting I am trying to do. 
The updated schedule that you receive upon arrival won't look so discombobulated .

Time / Place


Mountain Dulcimer
Past Beginner - Early Intermediate

Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer
Past Beginner

Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer





9:00 – 10:15 am


The Very Fundamentals of Flatpicking

Playing melody notes on all the strings is in many ways easier than up and down just one string.  We will cover the most basic method with cross string scale study, picking hand technique, and a fun and catchy tune played in the style.  It will add new tools to what you already know, and will be presented very step by step.  dAD,
Gary Gallier

Learning Songs by Ear
We’ll learn some songs together, with emphasis on recognizing chord progressions with some tips on memorizing lyrics.
 Tab will be provided at the end of class for later reference.
 Songs Suggestions in D, G (capo):
Row Your Boat
(Coon Creek Girls)
You’ve Been a Friend (Carter Family) Around My Barn (Dillon Bustin)

John Cerrigione

Waltzing with the Dulcimer
In this workshop you will learn several waltzes in several keys and review the history and key elements of waltzes. We will explore concepts and techniques to enhance the feeling of these beautiful melodies. Please bring a CAPO.

Jeff Furman

Hornpipes and Reels

In this repertory class, we’ll choose a couple different reels and hornpipes. We’ll learn playing with the appropriate rhythm really “makes” the tune -- how to put “bounce” in the melody to get that distinctive dotted-rhythm hornpipe sound and how to “drive” a reel.

Chris Steiner

Tunes From the VanArsdale Family; Dan will teach some wonderful tunes learned from good friend Sterl  VanArsdale of  Frusburg NY who passed away this fall . The VanArsdales learned to play the dulcimer one phrase at a time from their grandfather and Vaudeville great Jesse Martin!

Dan Duggan

Music of Switzerland

We'll learn a 3 part hackbrett tune from the Appenzell region of Switzerland.  I grew up listening to this kind of music and absolutely love to share the repertoire.  No yodeling needed in this class but you'll notice how the melody imitates a cowbell.

Heidi Cerrigione



Special Topic:  "Playing in the Nursing Home"Do you enjoy playing for senior resident facilities? Unsure about what tunes are appropriate and can benefit the residents most?  As developed from Lorinda’s work as a music therapist, AND leader of a dulcimer club, this session will explain the rationale behind the song choices and present a “ready-to-go” performance program for you to take home and share.
Lorinda Jones


After three days of instruction, are you ready to kick back and jam?  


Maybe, want to attend one or two workshops and then shop or jam?


Want to visit with friends and jam? Come and jam with us from 9 am until about 11:45.



10:30 –
11:45 am


Improving Your Strum     This class explores the context and techniques of strumming and will explore varying rhythms. The goal is smooth, strong, and rhythmic strumming. We will practice exercises and play along with recorded music. Be prepared to do a lot of strumming!

Jeff Furman

Learning Tunes by Ear
We’ll learn some Old Time Tunes together, a phrase at a time, recognizing repeating patterns as we talk a bit about song structure. Tab will be provided at the end of class for later reference.Tune Suggestions in DAD:
Goin’ Uptown Mountain Sky

John Cerrigione

Canon in D

Four Part - dAD 
different renditions of this classical piece, played authentically.   Can be played as a solo piece, or can be made into an arrangement for a small group.  Also presented will be a high harmonizing chordal accompaniment that fits well against the fundamental melody.

Gary Gallier

Rag Time!
It’s just as much fun to PLAY it as it is to listen to it. We’ll choose a couple different rag-time tunes to learn how to get that syncopated sound. We’ll discuss different techniques to get the right “feel” when accenting those off beat notes to get the distinctive rag sound, including the common “3 repeating notes over a 4-beat measure”.

Chris Steiner

Hammered Hymns! 
Come and put an upbeat "bluegrassy" hymn on your playlist.  "Are You Washed In The Blood" is a fun and faster paced hymn.  We will be using scale runs, syncopation, and chording as embellishments to "liven up" this already lively hymn - just a bit more!


Pam Bowman

The Art Of Improvisation    

This workshop will touch on techniques for melodic and 
rhythmic improvisation on the


Dan Duggan



12:00 to 1:00



 1:15 –
2:30 pm


Repertoire My Way
We'll learn 2 or 3 tunes with variations for different skilled players

Pauline's class will be geared to past beginners through the early intermediate level.   You’ll have some lovely music to work on as you progress to the solid intermediate level.

Pauline Miller
Changing It Up
Rhythmic Variations
for Fiddle Tunes We'll choose a couple fiddle tunes to learn, and discuss how simple changes such as rhythmic variations and syncopation can add interest. Tablature will be available for the tunes, but we will rely mostly on our own ears and senses as we come up with musical ideas. If time allows, we will also explore how changing the tuning or adding a capo can change our options when playing tunes that aren't in the key of D, so bring your capo along!.

Joe Steiner

St. Patrick's Day Party Pack
The material in this class will focus on Irish songs and tunes that have become part of our American culture.  Old Irish tunes and newer songs written by Irish American emigrants.  We will do some singing and playing of instrumental tunes.  Wear your green if you want and come away being ready to share some Irish tunes with friends and family for St. Patrick’s Day.


Lorinda Jones

How to use "noodling" and harmony as embellishments

In this session, we'll work on a song that you may or may not have in your repertoire yet - Red Wing.   Learn some "tricks" to play this upbeat tune, that are beyond the "just the melody line" and make it even more interesting and fun to play.


Pam Bowman

A Beautiful
Waltzing Duet

Learn a very pretty waltz that is not played in this area very much.  Take this to a fellow hammer player and make some pretty music.

Also, gain some insight as to how Joyce arranged this duet.


Joyce Harrison

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Swing !

Dan will teach both chord structure and melodies from several old jazz and swing tunes

Dan Duggan

Autoharp (Intermediate)

Swiss folk songs on the Autoharp

Yes, bring your yodeling/singing voice with your Autoharp(s) that can play in the keys of C and G.  In addition to singing, we will pick the melodies and let the Autoharp do the yodeling.



After a break, we'll turn to:


Playing Rounds on the Autoharp

I've got a handful of familiar and not-so-familiar rounds we can work out together.  When we have some solid melody picking, we will break into parts and see if we can hold our own.  Yes, singing is welcome too.

Heidi Cerrigione

Ukulele Basics


For students just beginning to play the Ukulele. We will explore some simple back up strum patterns as we accompany our voices singing familiar melodies.  Song sheets with ukulele chords will be supplied. Come and have some fun singing with the Ukulele!

John Cerrigione





2:45 –
4:00 pm


Duet with Harmony & Back-up
We'll take a very familiar tune and add some harmony and/or back-up chords.

Pauline's class will be geared to past beginners through the early intermediate level.  

You’ll have some lovely music to work on as you progress to the solid intermediate level.

Pauline Miller

 Mountain Dulcimer Ensemble
This intermediate ensemble class will present multiple arrangements for 2, 3 or more mountain dulcimers. There will be some challenges and some places where players can relax. Plan to enjoy a variety of tunes and styles and playing beautiful music together! Bring a capo, just in case, and baritones and basses are welcome!

Lorinda Jones


“Let it Ring!”   Improving your sustain and connecting notes can greatly enhance the fluidity and overall quality of your playing. We will explore concepts and techniques to help improve the smoothness of your playing and there will be a heavy emphasis on improving your fingering so you can connect notes more efficiently. And you will learn some beautiful music along the way!  Please bring a CAPO.

Jeff Furman



Hand Dampening & Ostinatos!

What do they have in common? Ways to enhance an arrangement.  In this session we will look at these techniques within two - three different songs.


Pam Bowman

Sound Reinforce-ment focused on the Mountain  Dulcimer but ideas for other Acoustic Instruments
(All levels)  
Wanting to perform? 
When you are confident with your sound on and from the stage, then quite simply you will play better as well. 
We will cover types of sound amplification, being in charge of your stage sound, how best to use microphones,
types of pickup systems, and other equipment, and how to us it.

Gary Gallier

4:15 to 5:00                    
5:15 - 6:30   Dinner  (Please be prompt)
6:30   Doors Open for Concert (Lodge)
6:45   Dining Hall and Vendors Close
7:00   Instructor Concert:   Chris & Joe Steiner ~ Dee Dee Tibitts  <Break>  Heidi Muller ~ Buckeye Band


Come to the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival ... learn from some of the best instructors in the country,
play lots of music, make life-long friends, and ... have a great time!   


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