27th Annual ... held at Recreation Unlimited
Ashley, Ohio

March 7 - 11, 2018        

Buckeye Dulcimer Festival ... HOUSING OPTIONS



Recreation Unlimited

From the practical aspect, staying on campus here at Recreation Unlimited is the most cost effective way to experience the festival.  Registering for Package #1 (entire 4-day festival) or Package #3 (Friday-Sunday weekend) allows us to offer a fantastic price.

Once you arrive in the parking lot, the BDF staff assists you with golf carts and wagons to help you register and move your belongings to your cabin.  Pick a bed and arrange your surroundings to suit your needs.   There are plenty of outlets.  We have many folks that use a C-Pap ... no problem.   Earplugs can make sleeping a bit easier.    The registration provides space to request ... a specific cabin or to be in the same cabin with friends.  We also work to have your housing as close to your class (extended session) as possible.  Just let us know your wishes and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Short overview of RU housing:
 There are 3 residence halls (A, B, and C) that consist of two wings with a large lounge and restrooms in the central area.  Each residence hall can house approximately 48 participants ... 25 in each wing.   Residence Hall B has been designated as our 'couples' cabin.  Gentlemen are housed in one wing and ladies in the other.  

Each year, I'm amazed at how folks 'build their nest' in the cabins.   Included in your confirmation letter, you'll find a list of items that will make your stay a pleasant one. 

From the 'fun' aspect, stay with us and DON'T MISS ANYTHING!   Over the 4-day festival, the opportunities to make friends, jam a little later knowing that your bed is just a short walk or golf cart ride away, and relaxing in the cabins with like-minded music lovers is a huge part of THE BUCKEYE EXPERIENCE.     


Residence Hall Sleeping Wing
(sleeping in lower bunks only)


Nearby Motels 

The motels on this list from Delaware and at I-71/US 36 are about 12 miles from the festival.  
The motels in Marion are about 20 miles from the festival.

There will be a map included with your confirmation letter. 

The Buckeye Dulcimer Festival from area motels

To minimize some of the challenges of commuting back and forth to the festival whether from a local motel or from home, secure overnight instrument storage is provided at RU.   Also, there are several areas in the Lodge and Dining Hall for relaxing during down time.

Commuters for the extended 4-day session register for
package # 2.  

Commuters for the weekend session register for package #4.

Updated:  February 3, 2018



Hotel Name - Delaware / Sunbury   Hotel Name - Marion
Holiday Inn Express - Sunbury     Comfort Inn - Marion  
7301 East State Route 37   256 James Way
Sunbury, Ohio 43074     Marion, Ohio 43302  
(740) 362-3036 (2014 rate)    (740) 389-5552
Hampton Inn - Sunbury     Holiday Inn Express - Marion  
7329 State Route 36 & 37   1842 Marion-Mt Gilead Road
Sunbury, Ohio 43074     Marion, OH 43302  
(740) 363-4700
  (740) 389-4300
Best Western - Delaware
  Thanks to these local motels.  Nearly all of them were willing to provide a special 'festival' rate.
1720 Columbus Pike  
Delaware, Ohio 43015    
(740) 363-3510
Comfort Inn - Delaware    
1251 Columbus Pike  
Delaware, Ohio 43015    
(740) 363-8869



RECREATION UNLIMITED and the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival is located just northeast of Delaware, OH.


Come to the 
Buckeye Dulcimer Festival ... learn from some of the best instructors in the country,
play lots of music, make life-long friends, and ... have a great time!   


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